We would like to invite your company to join us in this special offering of a joint venture marketing relationship opportunity. United Living Care is a printed GLOBAL magazine working with Nursing Homes, Home Health Facilities, Rehabilitation Centers and Hospice care services. United Living Care keeps seniors front and center by providing education on improved care, public awareness and advocating services. Your products, once your advertisement is placed, will be shared with millions of seniors that are living in nursing homes and hospice care facilities around the world. Together we can work on this beautiful mission – offering a helping hand to our seniors and disabled vets.

Advertising Connection Benefits:

  • Industry Partner
  • Brand Awareness to Targeted Audiences
  • Community Involvement
  • Networking Opportunity
  • Shelf Life (printed magazines stay out for months)
  • Ongoing communication with your prospects
  • Building Trust and Reputation

Your sponsored page will be a great opportunity for the elderly, your targeted audiences, to be exposed to your services/products as our readers spend their golden years being pampered with love, gifts and a sense of feeling safe and not forgotten.

To Get Started and Join Us please contact us at the information below.

We would love to learn more about you! Tell us about your company and let’s join forces for our elderly.

United Living Care doesn’t count years, we make years count.

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